Apocalypse Manufacturing - Super Truck - Master Stance
Whoever Buys The Apocalypse Super Truck Should Seek Professional Help
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Beneath the imposing exterior of the Apocalypse Super Truck lies a foundation that may be considered relatively “ordinary” – a Dodge RAM 1500 equipped with a 395HP, 5.7-liter mild hybrid V8 engine. However, this RAM 1500 has undergone a comprehensive transformation courtesy of Fort Lauderdale-based Apocalypse Manufacturing. To begin with, the engine has been enhanced to a staggering 850HP through the installation of a 6.2-liter supercharged V8. Emphasizing a bold and unmistakable presence, Apocalypse spared no effort in crafting an audacious and… unique design for the Super Truck.

Apocalypse Manufacturing - Super Truck - Interior

Behold the Apocalypse Super Truck, a rugged off-roader that seems destined for a windswept, scorched landscape following a post-nuclear holocaust. Fortunately, we can find solace in the fact that such a catastrophic era is not imminent. However, in the event that such a time does arrive, the Apocalypse Super Truck would undoubtedly be a first choice for navigating the desolate and uninhabitable regions affected by a nuclear Armageddon.

Apocalypse Manufacturing - Super Truck - Rear Interior

The armour-clad Super Truck rides on 22-inch alloy wheels that are shrouded in 40-inch off-road tyres. To accommodate these colossal tires, Apocalypse has equipped the Super Truck with Dan 60 Axles, renowned for their larger gears and bearings, robust axleshafts, reinforced axle housings, and overall sturdier components.

Apocalypse Manufacturing - Super Truck - Final Stance

The Super Truck is fully 4-wheel drive capable and features 5 driving modes, Sport, Drag Race, Baja, Rock and Mud. The Apocolypse Super Truck is a handmade bespoke… thing and is likely to cost over $200,000.

Apocalypse Manufacturing - Super Truck - Master Stance
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