2024 Skoda Octavia - More Boredom At An Affordable Price
Skoda Octavia Boredom Edition Spearheads Refreshed Range
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While there isn’t a Skoda Boredom Edition, Skoda has refreshed the Octavia range. Although it maintains much of the boredom of the previous iteration. One notable change is that it now boasts second-generation LED Matrix beam headlights.

Inside, there are nine Design Selections to choose from, accompanied by a prominent 13-inch infotainment display. Moreover, the integration of ChatGPT as a standard feature is forthcoming, along with the incorporation of more sustainable materials.

No changes to the powertrain options, it’s still four petrol and two diesel engines with up to 265 PS (195 kW) plus mild-hybrid options.

Updated safety and assistance systems… oh we can’t be bothered, just go visit your nearest dealership. Here’s a marketing slogan: The Skoda Octavia, More Boredom At An Affordable Price.

2024 Skoda Octavia - More Boredom At An Affordable Price
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