NIO ET5 Touring - Master Stance
NIO ET5 Touring Is No Extra Terrestrial Being, It’s The Start of The Chinese Century
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The NIO ET5 Touring represents a milestone as the first electric estate available for purchase in Europe, specifically targeting the markets of Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark. With the introduction of the NIO ET5 Touring symbolises China’s advancements and the beginning of a new era often referred to as the “Chinese century.” As global dynamics continue to shift and traditional powers face internal challenges, China emerges as a formidable contender, gradually filling the void left by declining Western imperialism.

Oh, right… this is about the NIO ET5 Touring, let’s get back to the subject. Let’s start with the exterior design. Although I am not a design expert, I can appreciate the aesthetic appeal of the ET5. It boasts a sleek and elegant appearance, characterized by clean and fluid lines that give it a sense of proportion.

NIO ET5 Touring - Rear Stance

In contrast, some may argue that the exterior design of the BMW 5 Series, for instance, suffers due to BMW’s attempt to accommodate both traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) components and the necessary space for an electric powertrain. This compromise has made the design less cohesive and less visually appealing compared to the NIO ET5 Touring.

NIO ET5 Touring - Interior

The ET5 Touring has over 450 litres of rear boot space – with a further 42 litres underfloor – of trunk space. When the rear seats are folded flat, the versatile load area increases to 1,300 litres of total space. Other features include a heated wiper bay and panoramic sunroof, Black roof rails are standard, alongside 10 sky-inspired exterior colors, four earth-themed interior hues, and four stylish 19” and 20” wheel designs.

NIO ET5 Touring - Digital Screen

Central to NIO’s smart EV ethos is the ET5 Touring’s digital cockpit, which runs on the brand’s second-generation technology platform, NT2.0. The car features assisted and intelligent driving with NIO AQUILA Super Sensing, which contains 33 high-performance sensors. The system utilises an ultralong range, high-resolution LiDAR camera, to map the road and its surroundings.

NIO ET5 Touring - The Flow

The ET5 Touring is available with a 75kWh battery – capable of up to 250 miles – or a 100kWh battery which offers up to 320 miles. NIO’s Battery-as-a-Service (BaaS) subscription is also available. Power Swap Stations offers a fresh battery in less than five minutes as well as access to over 400,000 third-party chargers in Europe.

The NIO ET5 Touring is available to order now and is priced from… I don’t know how much.

NIO ET5 Touring - Master Stance
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