BMW i5 Reveal 2023
BMW Gears Up For All New 5 Series Launch
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On May 24, 2023, BMW will reveal the all-new next-generation 5 Series. Details are thin on the ground, however, BMW has allowed corporate-approved news outlets to test drive a prototype pre-production 5 Series. The new 5 Series will continue to offer BMW’s mild hybrid 4-cylinder and straight-six power plants. In addition BMW will also offer PHEV derivatives and a pure electric model, the i5.

Little is known about the i5, but we do know it will have single-motor and dual-motor model derivatives. The single rear-mounted motor will provide the i5 with 335bhp, while the AWD dual motor, designated M60 XDrive, will provide 590bhp. We’re not too sure about the battery capacity, BMW has only revealed an estimated range of 295 miles.

BMW i5 Reveal 2023

But we can make an educated guess. The i4 features a maximum 89kWh battery pack which is good for 290 miles. So it is fair to say that the i5 will use the i4 electric drivetrain and battery pack. Never one to stand still, BMW’s promotional campaign has begun in earnest. However, will BMW play it safe with the styling?

BMW i5 Reveal 2023 - Interior

BMW does like to push the boundaries of design to its limits, but often stops short with the breadwinners and always plays it safe with the 5 Series. Based on the pre-production official camouflaged images, it appears the new 5 Series will follow a conservative evolutionary design language with a nod to modernity.

However, the trend of oversized BMW grills continues, albeit illuminated for the i5. Anyway, we’ll know more in three weeks from now. Pricing for the new 5 Series is yet to be revealed. In the UK the current 5 Series starts at £42K, expect prices to rise close to £50k for the new gen entry-level petrol/gasoline variants, and £55k for entry-level pure electric i5.

The new 5 Series in all variants will go on sale later this year with first deliveries expected in Q2 2024.

BMW i5 Reveal 2023
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