Car Style - LA Mansion - By Enes Yilmazer
Car Style | This Stunning Secret LA Mansion Includes Pacific Ocean Views

In his latest video, Enes Yilmazer explores a secluded LA Mansion situated in the surrounding hillside of Los Angeles. The property offers a unique location, with Los Angeles on one side and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean on the other.

The mansion, called “The Tree House,” is derived its name from its past as a tree farm. It features a massive oak tree, serving as a reminder of its history and also serving as a striking centerpiece for the 66,649 square foot plot. The property spans two floors and boasts 5 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms.

With a price tag of $48 million USD, the mansion is undoubtedly a significant investment, making it unattainable for the majority of people. However, the intention behind featuring this extravagant property is to inspire individuals to dream big and aspire to achieve their goals.

Even if certain aspirations may seem out of reach financially, it is always important to maintain a positive mindset.

Car Style - LA Mansion - By Enes Yilmazer
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