BMW Concept Touring Coupe - Master Stance
ERRRM…. No Thanks BMW, We’ll Pass On This One
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One of the most significant and controversial actions undertaken by BMW, in recent years, was its active involvement in the Dieselgate scandal. Their crimes have gone largely unnoticed by the public. Volkswagen (the architect of deiselgate) shouldered the blame and got caught in the media spotlight. Claiming to make diesel cars clean, is stupid, but people believed the lies BMW permeated. No one ever imagined a self-venerating company could ever commit an egregious act of wrongdoing.

It was wrong for BMW to incorporate a defeat device. It was wrong to allow cars to be sold with toxic levels of CO2 emissions. It was wrong to hide behind the banner of sustainability and make a faux determined effort to pollute less. It was wrong not to acknowledge the resulting health impacts and deaths caused to those too weak to fight off the effects of BMW’s lies.

BMW Concept Touring Coupe - Rear Stance

The passage of time often serves as a stark reminder of how easily people can forget and move on from such well documented criminal intents. However, forgiveness is not something that can be granted easily in this case. BMW, in particular, continues to engage in self-glorification, acting as if their past transgressions never occurred. Despite the dark history of Dieselgate, they now seek refuge behind the virtuous veil of electric cars, presenting themselves as an enlightened force on a divine mission to create a cleaner world.

By embracing the electric vehicle movement, BMW portrays itself as a modern-day saint, seemingly absolved of its previous misdeeds. They use their involvement in sustainability initiatives as evidence of a newfound dedication to environmental causes.

BMW Concept Touring Coupe - Studio Stance

However, it is crucial to remain skeptical and vigilant, understanding that true redemption requires more than just outward appearances and marketing strategies. The scars left by Dieselgate cannot be erased by simply adopting a new image and new technologies.

The least controversial aspect of BMW is its unique take on design and style. BMW continuously pushes the boundaries of design to stir the bucket of debate. The Z4 based BMW Concept Touring Coupe is at the apex of the debate they seek to promote. Just don’t mention dieselgate.

BMW Concept Touring Coupe - Master Stance
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