Mr Benz reviews the Mercedes E Class Estate
Mr Benz And The New Mercedes E Class Estate

The Mercedes E Class estate has always been big and ugly, an inelegant conclusion to the elegant saloon. However, the E Class has always been big on practicality with a class-leading rear boot space. Personally, the Audi A6 Avant is currently our favourite estate vehicle, but most people are still sold on the image that any Mercedes exudes quality.

It is a common misconception that Mercedes is the epitome of quality, especially when it comes to their modern-day models. But if you are a motoring journalist and want access to Mercedes you have to be along for the ride, you have to help sell the myth.

Since we are boycotting Mercedes, YouTuber Mr Benz does the upselling so we don’t have to.

Mr Benz reviews the Mercedes E Class Estate
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