2023 Mini Countryman - Priced from £29,000
New Generation Mini Countryman Is Finally Looking Stylish
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According to MINI and BMW PR, there is an unwritten rule and the rule states that one has to be part of the “established media” to participate in mind control sessions that are otherwise known as media invites and press launches. This psychopathic approach in its single-mindedness to bolster brand awareness, appears to contradict the fundamental principles of effective public relations.

By restricting access based on one’s career trajectory and ambitions, MINI and BMW PR undermine the substantial effort invested in bringing a Mini product to fruition. This journey encompasses the early stages of design concept exploration, intricate engineering work, and numerous other critical phases.

Mini UK seems to disregard these considerable efforts in favour of milquetoast tokenism. This prompts the question: to what ultimate purpose is this tokenism employed?

In any case, we won’t delve too deeply into the specifics of the new Mini Countryman. It’s already available for purchase, with pricing commencing at a rather competitive £29,000. This pricing is particularly appealing when you consider that the Mini brand is BMW in disguise.

2023 Mini Countryman - Priced from £29,000
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