AutoTrader Recommends Not Buying The Jeep Avenger EV

Yet another prominent automotive YouTube channel has issued a warning to its subscribers, strongly advising against the purchase of the Jeep Avenger. AutoTrader joins Carwow, which was the first major channel to alert its substantial 6 million subscribers about the considerable issues associated with the problematic Jeep Avenger.

Carwow’s video review of the Jeep Avenger EV received such a negative reception from Jeep that the automaker demanded the removal of the video. Carwow, a sales platform for the wider automotive industry is so deeply imbedded into the automotive value chain that it complied with Jeep’s demand.

This deeply concerning trend raises questions about the ethics and values upheld in the field of motoring journalism. It calls into question not only the practices of Carwow but also those of numerous other automotive channels whose affiliations with car manufacturers appear to conflict with the goal of providing imnpartial consumer-centric reviews.

Or in Carwow’s case, cheeky-chappie, nudge-nudge-wink-wink,grin-grin reviews.

But anyway… back to the AutoTrader review. Rory Reid doesn’t explicitly endorse the purchase of a Jeep Avenger EV; he simply suggests taking a closer look. This stance is not significantly different from indirectly discouraging people from buying a Jeep Avenger EV. Therefore, AutoTrader’s stance effectively advises its subscribers against purchasing one.

Certainly, we’re presenting a nuanced perspective in the pursuit of, AHEM!, “good, honest journalism.”

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