Tesla Model 3 2023 Update Edition
It’s About The Fine Details For The Heavily Updated Tesla Model 3

After weeks of anticipation and a leaked preview, the latest version of the Model 3 car from Tesla has been unveiled. Although it’s not entirely new, the 2023 updates are noteworthy. The front headlights are sleeker, the hood has been restructured with an aerodynamic spoiler-lip to decrease air resistance, and the rear tail lights have been redesigned. The suspension has also been upgraded to provide a smoother ride, while acoustic glass and sound-dampening materials have been used to reduce interior noise. The cabin now features higher-quality materials to enhance the overall look and feel of the car.

It seems that the Tesla Model 3 has graduated to a higher class, now competing with Volvo and BMW. However, its minimalist approach to interior design has been kept intact, with the addition of ambient lighting. The powertrain and battery pack remain mostly unchanged, but the Model 3’s efficiency has been improved by 10 percent thanks to aero improvements.

Former Red Dwarf employee now turned electric car evangelist walks through the improvements so we don;t have to. Yeah, we didn’t get an invite. Still mustn’t grumble.

Tesla Model 3 2023 Update Edition
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