AMMO NYC Restores A Brand New Ferrari 296 GTB
AMMO NYC Exposes Amateurish Ferrari Quality Control On Brand New 296 GTB

AMMO NYC is a professional-grade automotive detailer, or as we call him Mr Car Cleaner Man. We’ve featured AMMO NYC many times before, and on this occasion, he takes delivery of a client’s brand-new Ferrari 296 GTB, which cost its owner $500,000. For that amount, one would expect, at the very least, the highest level of finishing.

However, AMMO NYC uncovers paint overspray issues and the excessive use of polishing compounds, leaving behind excess compound residue. Additionally, certain areas of the paint exhibit an “orange peel” effect, indicating subpar finishing at the factory.

Ferrari markets itself as an exclusive and almost ethereal brand, with executives exuding a level of sophistication seemingly reserved for a privileged few. However, this image crumbles when examining the poor quality control evident in this specific example.

AMMO NYC leverages his expertise to impeccably restore the Ferrari 296 GTB paint finish, surpassing the factory OEM standards. Although not every detail can be fully restored, his work exceeds the quality achieved by Ferrari.

AMMO NYC Restores A Brand New Ferrari 296 GTB
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