Topaz Detailing - Rolls Royce Paint Correction
Correcting Orange Peel Paint Finish On A Brand New Rolls Royce

Topaz Detailing, a renowned leader in elevating car detailing standards, recently received a request from a discerning client dissatisfied with the factory finish of his pristine Rolls Royce Phantom. Despite the luxury car manufacturer’s reputation for dedicating extensive hours to paintwork, the client’s vehicle exhibited an undesirable orange peel effect—a consequence of rushed execution.

In response, Topaz employed their Level 5 Signature treatment, a meticulous process that entails skillfully sanding down the existing clear coat and subsequently polishing the surface to unveil a flawless, mirror-like finish. Only a small percentage of the clear coat is removed during this procedure to ensure optimal results.

Finally, Topaz applied a Paint Protection Film (PPF) in effect acting as a substitute clear coat. The outcome surpassed the initial factory finish.

Topaz Detailing - Rolls Royce Paint Correction
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