Masahiro Moro - CEO of Mazda The Nothing Brand
CEO of Mazda, The Nothing Brand, Reveals Nothing EV Strategy
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Mazda, the nothing brand, and the originator of the mythical “Zoom-Zoom” marketing slogan, is far from what it appears. It aligns more closely with the concept of “nothing” than its athletic marketing strategy would imply. The nothing brand, perhaps of all time, is embarking on a mission to transition to fully electric vehicles. Privately, Mazda has historically expressed reservations about pure electric vehicles, reflecting the company’s underlying “nothing” mentality. However, publically, through gritted smiles and lying eyes, Mazda, the nothing brand, now wants to fully embrace the EV realm.

To be fair, Mazda, the nothing brand, currently includes an electric vehicle (EV) in its product lineup. The MX-30 falls short in significance, and no consumers are inclined to purchase something that essentially amounts to nothing, making it difficult to provide substantive reporting on nothing. Nevertheless, the head of this nothing brand, CEO Masahiro Moro, has disclosed that the company has 7-8 new EVs in the pipeline, slated for launch around 2030.

In a recent media interview, Masahiro Moro candidly acknowledged that Mazda is a brand intentionally positioned as a “follower”. This admission openly conveys the company’s perceived deficiency in innovation, a lack of a clear strategic direction, and essentially adopting a posture akin to peering over a classmate’s shoulder during a crucial exam.

Moro also projected that by 2030, electric vehicles (EVs) would constitute 25-40 percent of the company’s annual global sales of 931,000 units. Presently, Mazda’s EV sales are so meagre that they total less than 1 percent of its annual global sales. So, is Moro pi—ing in the wind? Only time will reveal the answer. Currently, though, the harsh EV winds seem to be blowing back in his face due to the company’s philosophy of doing nothing.

Mazda, the nothing brand, does possess a card up its sleeve—hybrids. As long as the company can extend the longevity of the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) age, it stands a chance to recoup all the development costs invested before the eventual mass extinction of the ICE era. Nevertheless, Mazda, maintaining its reputation as the nothing brand, is resolute in preventing the sun from setting on the ICE age.

To emphatically underscore the company’s ‘dedication’ to electrification, Mazda, the nothing brand, will discontinue the Nothing MX-30 EV. That means the sole electrified model remaining in Mazda’s lineup is the CX-90 PHEV. Well, they’re certainly not pulling out all the stops, are they?

Masahiro Moro - CEO of Mazda The Nothing Brand
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