A Lotus Elise EV Is Essentially Idiotic
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The era of Lotus precariously existing as a manufacturer of lightweight sports cars is over. Harking back to the past as the company is committing to an electric future seems so stupid it makes my head explode. Who is Lotus trying to fool here? The current state of electric vehicle technology simply isn’t advanced enough to replicate the lightweight brilliance that defined the arrival of the Lotus Elise.

The notion of resurrecting the Lotus Elise as an electric brand is beyond preposterous; it defies logical explanation. The essence of the Elise lies in its lightweight design, yet the reality of an Elise EV would likely tip the scales close to 2 tonnes. Where, then, is the ‘lightweight’ aspect?

In an interview with Autocar, Lotus Group’s chief commercial officer disclosed that the primary goal for the successor to the Elise is not necessarily centred on lightweight construction but focused on affordability. Codenamed Type 135, Lotus is prioritizing a starting price of £75,000.

Type135 will be constructed on a dedicated lightweight chassis/platform reminiscent of a classic mid-engine configuration. Notably absent from the interview was any discussion on how Lotus intends to achieve a platform that matches or surpasses the lightweight nature of the Elise. That’s because they have no plan to do so, they are relying on revivalist marketing to generate interest.

During the Autocar interview, Lotus went as far as mentioning a 66.4kWh and 99.6kWh battery pack that could potentially enable an EV range of 450 miles. If one is inclined to believe such claims, they might find themselves ready to believe just about anything.

Is Lotus living in a Jacob Ress Mogg style counter-fantasy world? After reading the battery pack and range claims I just lost the will to live and switched off.

The role of a modern-day journalist seems more akin to that of a stenographer, maintaining access often takes precedence over asking challenging questions. While I admire those who are willing to fulfil this function, I personally could never align myself with such a modus operandi.

I am intrigued and excited by a Lotus EV but please, Lotus don’t insult what little intelligence I possess.

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