Buying a Ford is a crap brand says Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer Warning: Save Your Money, Avoid Buying A Ford

According to car mechanic YouTuber Scotty Kilmer, Ford’s are crap and he warned his YouTube following in America to avoid buying the blue-collar workhorse because of numerous mechanical and quality control issues. And he isn’t wrong, as a former Ford owner I can attest to just how miserable Ford engineering is.

To be fair, and Ford deserves very little fairness, the engines are… OK. However, Ford likes to cut corners and costs and this approach affects the overall engineering integrity. I stopped buying into the Ford myth years ago. For too long Ford has bought the opinions of motoring journalists to provide cover for shoddyness and prop up what is a shitty brand.

Motoring journalists are easily persuaded to write positive reviews for fear of losing access to Ford’s press fleet or exclusive invites to their annual skiing trips. I can’t imagine a more undesirable scenario than spending my free time surrounded by the PR equivalent of Amalek.

Anyway, Scotty Kilmer drives a regular V6 Ford Pickup and an F150 Lightning. Neither impressed. Not surprising.

Buying a Ford is a crap brand says Scotty Kilmer
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