2024 Tesla Model 3 Review - Standard Range
Review: 2024 Tesla Model 3
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Quick Facts
Model spec: Tesla Model 3, Standard Range Price: £39,990.00 Engine: AC permanent magnet synchronous motor
BHP / Torque: 245 / 493 Max Speed: 125 CO2: 0.0g/km 0-62mph: 5.8 seconds
Economy/Range: 267 miles Tax: £0.00/year

The Tesla Model 3, which was launched back in 2017… and that concludes the history lesson. Since its launch, the Model 3 has formed the foundation of Tesla’s emerging EV empire, with over 1.3 million units sold. The 2024 spec model has undergone an extensive refresh to keep up with the competition. The exterior now boasts a sleeker headlight design, reprofiled front wings, front bumper, engine cover, and new rear light clusters. These changes align with Tesla’s minimalist approach to design and engineering, enhancing and refining the Model 3’s timeless design.

The Interior

The Model 3 adopts a deliberate focus on minimalism for its interior design language. There are few buttons present, only those deemed necessary such as those for the steering wheel and electric window controls. All other functionality is consolidated within the 15.4-inch infotainment system. Some argue that Tesla’s minimalist design ethos is a cost-cutting measure, as reducing buttons lowers production costs. While this may hold truth, the buttonless experience has to be well-executed to persuade the end user, and I found myself to be totally persuaded.

2024 Tesla Model 3 Review - Standard Range - Interior - 4

A notable feature is the absence of an indicator stalk; instead, steering-mounted buttons serve this function. Initially, I did reach out for the phantom indicator stalk, but within 5 minutes I adapted and and found the indicator buttons to be better than using an indicator stalk.

2024 Tesla Model 3 Review - Standard Range - Interior - 2

Some reviewers have highlighted the improved interior quality. It’s challenging to determine whether it’s an enhancement over the previous iteration, given the high quality of its predecessor. The minimalist interior design may have created a perception of inferiority. The cabin boasts soft-touch materials throughout and is solidly constructed, on par and in some cases better than rival European brands offer. Additionally, the new ambient lighting surrounding the interior adds a subtle yet elegant touch.

2024 Tesla Model 3 Review - Standard Range - Interior - 5

The seats are upholstered in a soft faux leather-like material, arguably surpassing even the finest Nappa leather found in high-end luxury cars. Both front and rear seats comfortable and perforated and equipped with standard heated and ventilated functionality. The cabin is notably quieter at a standstill, thanks to the acoustic glass utilized throughout.

In terms of space, the front cabin is sufficiently roomy, while the rear seats offer reasonably good accommodation. Rear passengers are treated to an 8-inch infotainment screen for controlling temperature, rear heated seats, and numerous Apps such as Spotify and even YouTube.

2024 Tesla Model 3 Review - Standard Range - Interior - 3

Although the rear boot opening may limit accessibility, the storage capacity is generous at 425 litres, complemented by the frunk which adds an additional 88 litres of storage. With the rear seats folded flat cargo space increases to over 900-litres.

The Drive:

The fundamental improvement in the Tesla Model 3 lies in its road dynamics. The pre-facelifted version had an unconvincing ride quality about it, characterized by jarring and jolting harshness. Small undulations in the road surface and minor potholes made long-distance journeys less than ideal. However, the updates have rectified everything; the ride is now more compliant and softer, better equipped to handle the degrading and harsh road surfaces prevalent in the UK.

2024 Tesla Model 3 Review - Standard Range - Bonnet

The ride and handling maintain sufficient firmness to negotiate B-roads with minimal body roll, which is somewhat unexpected, as a softer ride typically leads to increased body roll. So, there you have it, the ride and handling have significantly improved, now rivalling anything the German marques currently offer.

2024 Tesla Model 3 Review - Standard Range - rear light Front stance

The standard edition Model 3 is equipped with a single rear-mounted electric motor. I have always preferred front-wheel drive cars for everyday driving, preferring predictability over the rear end stepping out of its comfort zone, unless it’s a dedicated sports car. However, the Model 3’s rear-wheel dynamics not only enhance the road dynamics but it also feels planted and secure, providing the desired stability which is what I want from a rear-wheel drive car.

2024 Tesla Model 3 Review - Standard Range - Interior - Dash

As for cabin noise, there is some contention here. At low speeds, the ride is limousine quiet. However, at motorway speeds, I did notice increased tyre and road noise. This could be attributed, in part, to the glass roof acting as a passive amplifier, trapping recirculating soundwaves whereas a roof lining would absorb these errant soundwaves. It sounds as though you are passing through a tunnel, it’s a small complaint but otherwise livable.

The Performance

Straight-line speed has never been a problem for electric cars; indeed, electric motors are far more responsive than internal combustion engines. The standard Model 3, equipped with a single electric motor, provides 245bhp, resulting in a 0-62mph time of 5.8 seconds and a top speed of 125 mph, which is more than sufficient for most drivers.

2024 Tesla Model 3 Review - Standard Range - rear light cluster

The Model 3 offers two driving modes: Chill and Standard. Regardless of which mode you select, you still have access to the instant torque that an electric powertrain offers. The brake regen system also allows the driver to select two settings: low and standard, the latter enabling one-pedal driving.

However, in standard regen mode, when you decelerate from speed and lift off the accelerator pedal, the regen feels like hitting the emergency brakes. You quickly learn to adapt and barely touch the brake pedal. In contrast, low brake regen mode feels more akin to conventional braking, and you will find yourself using the brake pedal more frequently.


When it comes to EV technology, production, manufacturing, and efficiency, Tesla is around 15 years ahead of European rivals. Only Chinese EV manufacturers can claim to be nearing Tesla’s benchmarks. The Model 3 on test features a usable battery capacity of 57.6 kWh, which is relatively small considering the official WLTP range claim of 315 miles.

2024 Tesla Model 3 Review - Standard Range - rear light boot spolier

The WLTP-derived range is primarily for marketing purposes. In reality, you’ll need to knock off at least 50 miles for real-world range. During my drive in harsh February weather, the range indicated 267 miles from a 100 percent battery. I drove the car normally, on town roads, motorways, and B-roads, sticking to the speed limits (AHEM!), and occasionally using short bursts of full power when joining a motorway.

The Model 3’s efficiency readout indicated 5 kWh/mile. For context, 4 kWh/mile is often quoted as the holy grail benchmark for the current era of electric cars. Very few EVs manage to surpass the 4 kWh/mile paradigm, meaning that Tesla, in this case, has delivered another significant advantage over rivals. To put that 5 kWh/mile efficiency figure into perspective, it is equivalent to 168 mpg in old gasoline terms. It also implies that the real-world range equates to 288 miles, surpassing the estimate provided by the trip computer.

2024 Tesla Model 3 Review - Standard Range - rear

Another area where Tesla leads is its charging network/infrastructure. You can travel from one end of the country to the other without too much disruption, with the only inconvenience being that a fast charger will provide 175 miles of range in 15 minutes. Most people will charge at home with a dedicated wall charger. In reality, I rarely undertake a single journey of 267 miles. When I do embark on a long trip, it’s usually around 100 or maybe 200 miles round trips.


The entry-level Tesla Model 3 retails in the UK with a starting price of £39,000 for the standard range, £50K for the long range. The Model 3’s sold in Europe are manufactured in China, so Europe gets the best-made Teslas on the market, exhibiting high levels of build inside and out to rival European standards. The new multiple updates only serve to elevate the Model 3 to premium status and at a competitive price point, you get a lot of kit as standard.

2024 Tesla Model 3 Review - Standard Range - rear light side stance

The big improvements, for me, are not limited to class-leading interior, nor the ride and handling but the improved efficiency, which gives the Model 3 a significant edge. As I have always said the only electric car you should be buying right now is a Tesla. The new Model 3 just ratifies this bias and I must add neither I nor DCB has any affiliation with Tesla.

I personally think Elon Musk is a hypocrite with a good heart, but that shouldn’t detract from the product, because the Model 3 is the only electric car I would consider buying.

2024 Tesla Model 3 Review - Standard Range
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