WHATCAR-? Toyota-CHR-PHEV-Review-F.....G-HELL
WHATCAR? They dun it again!

The last time we covered a WHATCAR? YouTube review, it was rife with F-bomb profanities, for which we do not apologize. You see, folks, when it comes to car reviews WHATCAR? holds authority. And we must acknowledge their position within the bona fide realms of British automotive journalism. However, we don’t necessarily have to respect them. Why? Because they capitalize their brand typeface?

You see, folks, motoring journalism is dead. It has been dead for years. The finest motoring journalists, who contribute to the best automotive publications, have been silenced by the very auto industry that sustains them, and they probably haven’t even noticed.

Motoring journalists have been bought off, either directly through advertising or indirectly through press loans and all-expenses-paid car launches. This WHATCAR? video is a manifestation of motoring journalists being overshadowed by the looming spectre of the ever-watchful eye of automotive giants.

We are simply seeking basic information most competent and even the bought media would provide. I am not interested in the f…..g knee room, I am not interested in the f…..g infotainment system! And I could f…..g go on and f…..g on. I just want to know the combined range.

Obviously, we have had to tone down the language as opposed to last time, but f…..g hell.

WHATCAR-? Toyota-CHR-PHEV-Review-F.....G-HELL
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