BMW Reveals The Revised BMW M4 CS
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We’re not big fans of BMW because, in their own words, you need to be part of the “established media” to fit into their worldview. This lack of self-awareness and discrimination doesn’t extend to the BMW M4, which we must admit is a fine piece of engineering. The BMW M4 isn’t just about power or straight-line speed; it’s about the entire driving experience. The chassis, steering, and ride quality come together to deliver a superb experience.

The standard 4-cylinder 2.0-litre 4 Series model is often touted as a sports for the masses car by the motoring media, but in reality, it’s a faux sports car—you buy it for the badge. However, the M4 is a genuine sports car, and through gritted teeth we give thanks to BMW.

BMW M4 CS - Rear

Now, the new BMW M4 CS takes it a step further, adding a modest 10 bhp over the standard M4, for which you’ll pay a premium to have the CS badge.

BMW engineers have upped the power stakes to 550 hp, minimised weight – helped by numerous components made from carbon fibre-reinforced plastic – and tuned the chassis. Equipment levels are too numerous to mention and the M4 CS incorporates exclusive design features.

Production of the new BMW M4 CS will start in July 2024 at BMW Group Plant Dingolfing, with order books opening in late May. The BMW M4 CS is priced from £117,100 RRP with first deliveries in the UK arriving in Autumn 2024.

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