Japanese Transport Ministry - Toyota Safety Scandal
Japanese Transport Ministry Clamps Down on Toyota for Safety Regulation Failures
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There is a reason why Toyota is dragging its feet over electric cars, it is currently too busy trying to kill people by making cars that couldn’t even pass a crash test with a random hard boiled egg. Of course that is complete nonsense because the humble hard boiled egg currently has more crash-worthy protection than a Toyota.

Toyota markets itself as a family-first, family-friendly brand, but beneath this image lies an ambitious drive that often leads to trouble. The latest scandal involves Toyota conducting inadequate vehicle verification and crash safety testing.

Mazda, Honda, and two other companies were also found to have similar certification testing lapses under a review prompted by Japan’s Ministry of Transportation. The ministry instructed all five companies to suspend shipments of affected vehicles until regulators can confirm compliance.

Toyota Chairman Akio Toyoda apologized for the issues, noting that after reviewing tens of thousands of tests, only six violations were discovered. Many discrepancies arose because Toyota tested safety standards under more stringent conditions than required, without obtaining proper waivers or retesting to exact regulatory specifications.

Toyota identified seven models, some already discontinued, that underwent testing differing from government standards, including tests for pedestrian and occupant protection. Despite asserting that the affected vehicles meet legal standards and pose no safety risks, Toyota is halting shipments of current models and is cooperating with authorities to ensure compliance.

Toyota Europe clarified that Yaris models built in France for European markets are not affected by the homologation issues in Japan and will continue to be delivered as scheduled.

Japanese Transport Ministry - Toyota Safety Scandal
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