Bugatti Tourbillion - A naturally aspirated V16 Trojan horse
The New Bugatti Tourbillon Is Powered By A Naturally Aspirated Cosworth V16

The headline figures for the new Bugatti Tourbillion are impressive: £3.2M, 276mph, and an undisclosed 0-62mph time (performance details are still forthcoming, sub 2.0seconds apparently). The Tourbillion replaces the outgoing Chiron. A Tourbillion is a mechanical watch mechanism renowned for its precision, often found in high-end luxury watches.

However, the true allure lies beyond its cost, speed, or luxurious interior; it lies in its engineering. UK firm Cosworth Engineering was enlisted to co-engineer the naturally aspirated V16 engine, generating over 1,000bhp. Meanwhile, electric car maker Rimac supplies the 800bhp hybrid electric powertrain.

Regardless of its name, any new Bugatti model is destined to be produced in limited quantities and come with a steep price tag due to its exceptional engineering. Following Volkswagen’s deal with Rimac, Bugatti is now branded as Bugatti Rimac, focusing on electric drivetrain technology.

Porsche is also involved in the partnership. Rimac’s founder, Mate Rimac, now leads the company. He reveals that he opposed a fully electric approach for the Chiron’s successor, opting instead for a hybrid powertrain.

In any case, it’s a captivating narrative, as recounted by Mate Rimac himself during a press day with Carwow’s Matt Watson.

Bugatti Tourbillion - A naturally aspirated V16 Trojan horse
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