Worst Car of the Week
Oh dear, what is going on here. We see a lot of Worst Car of The Week ‘candidates’ you would be surprised to know that most of them are Mercedes owners and its either a...
By Alberto Frammartino
July 25, 2014
Now we know this Hofele  customised Audi A5 is a bit of old news, but this bad boy is still owned by some deluded, fantasist and its bad not because its good, its just plain bad, period. Hofele...
By Peter Fitch
July 18, 2014
Oh dear… need we say more… you have to feel sorry for this poor deluded soul, over sized rear- wings are the stuff of nightmares and sooo 1980’s. Porsche Boxster owner you have the ‘worst...
By Jay Khan
July 3, 2014