Worst Car of The Week, The Hofele A5 Mashup
Worst Car of the Week
Now we know this Hofele  customised Audi A5 is a bit of old news, but this bad boy is still owned by some deluded, fantasist and its bad not because its good, its just plain bad, period. Hofele Design are the German based company responsible for creating this vision of the A5-R8 mashup. Hofele are in your face aftermarket builders and car tuning specialist’s, they actually produce some good stuff but it isn’t Hofele that come’s into our line of fire, its the owner of this A5 gone wrong. OK and Hofele too. Trying to make an Audi A5 look like an Audi R8 is like the Pope saying he will hunt down and bring to justice pedophiles in the Catholic Church. On both counts its a deception and people are smart enough to see through deceptions. Sometimes you get a client whose bad personal taste is going to pay the bills but in hindsight that decision may well end up costing you your hard won reputation, this isn’t Hofele’s fault its just pure stupidity. OK it’s Hofele’s fault too. Owner of the Audi A5-R8 mashup, you are a cheapskate and you have the worst car of the week.WCOTW-July-18-2014-dailycarblog
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