Customised Rolls Royce Wraith Looks Like A Train Wreck
Worst Car of the Week
Income inequality is perhaps the greatest invention the so called civilized West has ever created. Income inequality is a state of being where 1 percent of the billionaire class owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent of the population. Its the profound moral debate of the 21st Century.  But what exactly do you with that money if you are part of the 1 percent? You spend it, profligacy is what they call it. And there no shortage of companies offering temptations to make sure that your infinite bank balance helps you stand out from the bottom 90 percent. The SPOFEC company is one of many after market customisers that specialise in ruining Rolls Royce cars. Lets be clear about this Rolls Royce is owned by BMW, the bodies are made in Germany and assembled in England. This kind of German takeover of Britain was resisted during the first half of the 20th Century but we, the Anglo-Saxon British, have finally been invaded. Invaded by corporate Germany. Let’s be clear in the aboriginal UK population are actually part German. Anglo-Saxons were Germanic tribes, migrants, who populated the UK from the 5th Century AD. There is nothing wrong with that, we the British have many great inventions to our name, what did the Germans ever invent? Cocaine is notable invention and look at how that substance has benefited the world. It isn’t exactly a flower filled meadow on clear summers day. However SPOFEC’s customisation of the Rolls Royce Wraith looks like substance abuse, it’s typically Teutonic, indeed its hideous. A Rolls Royce is epically stylish in the most unassuming way. A Rolls Royce stands out because of the craftsmanship involved, the many hours of attention to detail, the luxury. It’s a car that appeals to the bottom 90 percent because its a world into aspiration, it’s a means to reach your goals, set targets. I would be more impressed watching a monkey operating a spinning loom making an intricate patterned scarf out of silk than I would be to actually pay for this horrific SPOFEC customisation. SPOFEC you have brought shame to Germany, you have wreaked shame upon the British-German relationship that is modern day Rolls Royce. You have even brought shame on the Shaolin Temple and you have the worst car of the week.  SPOFEC-Rolls-Royce-Wraith
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