Meet The Sickest Ever McLaren, The P1 GTR
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If a McLaren P1 is too tame for you then we recommend you go for the P1 GTR, details of which have just been revealed by McLaren. OK, so the P1 is a hybrid supercar or a so called Hypercar, it uses a modified twin-turbo V8 petrol engine found in the MP4-12C and a 176bhp electric engine which delivers a bone crushing 903bhp and 978Nm of torque. The 0-62 dash is completed in just 2.8 seconds and the top speed is an electronically limited 217mph. McLaren-P1GTR-Overhead-Track-Shot The P1 GTR celebrates McLaren F1’s victory at the Le Mans 24 Hours endurance race in 1995, but lets face it that’s just a marketing excuse for creating one of the sickest ever McLaren’s to grace the earth, galaxy and universe. The Power of the standard P1 has been boosted in the P1 GTR too nearly 1,000 bhp of breakneck performance. Of the 375 P1’s destined to be made, 35 of those units will be modified into the P1 GTR. McLaren-P1GTR-Rear-Track-Shot The P1 GTR will be the most focused McLaren road car ever made, but its not for the road its purely for the track and its not the performance McLaren are looking to sell. McLaren-P1GTR-Track-Shot Unusually McLaren’s big sell is to offer all P1 GTR client’s an opportunity to become part of a tailored driver programme that is available only to their stable of F1 drivers and the company’s young driver development programme. McLaren-P1GTR-Pits The thought of seeing a P1 GTR fish-tailing out of Bond Street and into Regent Street, London-shire is as about as remote as seeing Tony Blair fighting against ISIS in Syria and in a Rambo style final showdown. McLaren-P1GTR-Steering-wheel The P1 GTR is a track only affair and each owner will have a dedicated pit crew with access to McLaren’s, usually of limits, secretive driver development center. McLaren-P1GTR-Interior So forget about what the P1 GTR is about, forget about the stretched front track to increase front axle grip, forget about the 19-inch forged alloy wheels and slick tyres or the F1 inspired steering wheel and forget about a luxury interior. For your estimated £1.9m GBP all you get is a fully stripped out, carbon fiber only, affair. Sign me up please.  McLaren-P1GTR-Rear-Track-Shot
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