Tesla Model D Day Set For October Invasion
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Elon Musk, billionaire owner of premium electric car brand Tesla, has sent out invites to the unveiling of the new Tesla Model D. Well Musk hasn’t personally sent the invites, his company monkey’s have, the event is scheduled for 9th October 2014 and is to be held at the Hawthorne Airport, Los Angeles. The letter D stands for dual motor, a billionaire way of saying AWD, the letter D will also feature on Tesla’s forthcoming Model X SUV, despite being behind schedule the Model X already has around 21k reservations. The Model D is rumored to be an AWD drive variant of the current Tesla Model S, so don’t expect anything radical in looks, just a very expensive letter D slapped on the rear  of a very expensive bumper. (rear fender) Musk, via Twitter, also indicated another debut would be showcased, a performance variant of the Model S is on the cards with a possible 600bhp and top speed of 155mph. Still we would prefer a good old fashioned diesel, these electric cars have a limited range and why stump up over 100k for a car that is effectively a golf buggy for weekend shopping trips to the end of your drive way.  Tesla-Model-D
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