Why The Next Nissan GTR Wont Look Like This Concept
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Nissan have apparently confirmed the GTR replacement will look like this GTR, Gran Turismo, concept collaboration. We say LOL! and here is why. Its perfectly feasible to produce this GTR concept, but prohibitively expensive. The complex and contoured body work of this radical departure of a concept is expensive to replicate using traditional manufacturing tooling. New technologies are evolving, moulded carbon fiber production significantly speeds up the previously expensive hand layered carbon fiber production technique, but its in the early days of development. Nissan would surely want to invest their own money on creating bespoke manufacturing technology. That’s expensive for a car most likely to be sold as a “halo” product and therefore sold in small volumes. Return on investment people! This isn’t about automotive technology its about manufacturing technology. However Nissan are making the right sounds the next Nissan GTR already has a codename, R36, and will embrace hybrid technology. Nissan-GTR-Concept-B Nissan’s sports car chief, James Oliver, confirmed so much in a recent interview, “I think it [a GT-R hybrid] is the obvious direction,” “There’s been obsessive development of the GT-R over the years, and at some point we will move onto the next generation car. The overall market is looking at different methods of powering cars, and at Nissan we’ve got great expertise and investment of electric”. “We already have the capability in terms of battery production and electric vehicle technology, so I don’t think it’s a great stretch to think a future performance product would have some of that tech incorporated into it,” he added. The R36 is at least three years away from replacing the current generation GTR, in the short term a facelift is on the horizon. Don’t expect the R36 to look like this Batman parody concept which is best seen as a publicity stunt to drum up interest.  Nissan-GTR-Concept-A
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