McLaren Sports Series Outed In Suspiciously Staged Spy Photo
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Last week McLaren Automotive announced a third entry level model called the Sports Series which will be aiming to rival the Mercedes AMG-GT and Porsche 911. Only they didn’t reveal anything else other than a photo of a black feather floating in mid-air and #blackswanmoments. We slammed our collective heads on our desks. And you know what? we didn’t want to give this idiotic publicity stunt any oxygen. This lateral thinking is what Cambridge and Oxford University graduates are used to. Most of these grads go on and screw up the banking system every decade or so and they use lateral thinking to get away with screwing the system and the law. Others become lateral marketing fools. How many pigs are there in China? Lateral thinking will explain that. Rant over. Back to the point in question, the McLaren Sports Series was spotted in heavy test makeup the other day and this image has been doing the rounds. We can’t help to think its a little staged, probably released by McLaren too keep up the interest. The Sports Series chassis is reportedly to be based on the McLaren 650s and offer a de-tuned version of the 3.8-litre, 641bhp version of the mid-mounted V8 Turbo. The Sports Series will also be roomier and more comfortable leading to lateral speculation that it could be a four door GT cruiser. “The McLaren Sports Series will be a pure McLaren, building on the credentials of the McLaren P1 and 650S, bringing Formula 1 technologies and know-how to a new segment for the brand. It will feature a carbon fibre chassis and mid-mounted V8 engine,” said McLaren in a statement.  McLaren-Sports-Series
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