Smashing A Ford is Better Than Driving it Says Edmunds
The folks over at online automotive resource Edmunds.com sure have a lot of time and money on their hands. The burning question is how much does an aluminum bodied vehicle cost to repair if it is damaged compared to a steel bodied vehicle. Edmunds take the aluminum bodied Ford F-150 and put a sledge hammer to good use by smashing the rear fender. Then they take the F-150 to a local garage to get it repaired and discover it actually costs twice as much to repair as a steel bodied counterpart. One thing that bothers me is why didn’t they go and ask their local garage? they would have saved time and money. The F-150 sacrificed was actually a long term loan vehicle from Ford. And that begs the question, is that the best long term test they could come up with. Still the publicity value will probably outweigh the cost of producing the video and the repair bill. Part 2 is below.
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