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Caterham’s Fab Three Is Slightly Less Confusing
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Plucky little British sports car maker Caterham is doing a bit of spring cleaning to its similarly looking and therefore confusing model line up. According to market research Caterham’s are driven by lonely people who may have just gone through a bitter divorce. These people are often otherwise known as motoring enthusiasts. Caterham will now offer 5 core models and the Seven will come in three power derivatives the 270, 360 and 420. In addition to this marketing makeover all models will be offered with optional S and R packs. The three new vehicles sit between the existing range – the entry-level Seven 160 and the supercharged 620R, the most powerful production Seven ever built. Caterham-Seven-Tracking-Shot Launched in 2013, the Seven 160 features a compact 3-cylinder engine and live-axle rear suspension. The new 270 model is powered by the latest-generation 1.6 Ford Sigma engine with variable-valve timing technology and offering a 10bhp power upgrade from the outgoing Roadsport 125 it replaces. Sitting in the middle of the range is the Seven 360, which runs the same 2.0 Ford Duratec power unit as Caterham’s flagship R300 race cars, offering the perfect balance between road and race track. The Seven 420 features a dry sump and is also powered by the 2.0 Ford Duratec, although benefitting from modifications which offer 210bhp. At the top of the range, is Caterham’s mighty 620R, which also runs a finely-tuned 2.0 Ford Duratec that pumps out an extreme 310bhp and reaches 0-62mph in 2.8 seconds. Caterham Price List:
Model RRP** Power (BHP) 0-62 (MPH) Top Speed (MPH) Out-going model
Seven 160 £18,995 80 6.9 secs 100
Seven 270 £22,995  135 5.0 secs 122 Roadsport 140 Supersport
Seven 360 £26,995 180 4.8 secs 130 Roadsport 175 Supersport R
Seven 420 £29,995 210 4.0 secs 136 Superlight R400
Seven 620 £49,995 310 2.8 secs 155
S pack & R Pack 
S Pack± R Pack±
5-Speed gearbox 5-speed gearbox
Road suspension pack Limited-slip differential
14” classic alloy wheels with 185/60 tyres Lightweight flywheel
Fully carpeted interior Sport suspension pack
Full windscreen, hood and side screens 15” Orcus alloy wheels with 195/45 tyres
‘S’ key, gearknob and instrument design Uprated brake master cylinder
Heater Carbon fibre dashboard
Black leather seats Composite race seats
Momo steering wheel Momo steering wheel
Choice of four paint finishes 4-point race harness
Black pack
‘R’ key, gearknob and instrument design
Shift light
Choice of four paint finishes
 Caterham-Seven copy
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