Lexus Tease The All New RX Ahead of NY Auto Show
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A few days ago Lexus teased the images for their new RX SUV. To be honest we were in two minds as to whether to feature a post because we were expecting more details. There were none except for the predictably slick video. Thankfully it wasn’t produced by Honest John. A few days later nothing new was revealed, so we reckon Lexus will continue with the current offering in terms of engines and specifications, hybrid this hybrid that. Although and very obviously the 2016 RX will have an all new exterior and interior design. Expect the RX to borrow the sharper and quite literally edgier design cues from its NX little SUV brother and there seems to be a floating roof design thrown into the mix. What does this mean? Lexus have decided to get their finger out and offer something people would like to be seen in. The Lexus brand is very much made up of petrol powered cars fused with hybrid systems. The RX is offered as a 3.5-litre V6 petrol engine with two high-output electric motors. The RX 450h range starts from £44,495. Expect prices to rise by between £500-1000 Lexus-RX-2016 Our sources tell us that the 460h could well evolve into a turbo-charged V6 hybrid which would bring the Lexus into compliance with European emissions regulations. You see the trend for turbocharging petrol engines is rising in order to cut harmful emissions. Lexus will officially reveal the all new RX on April fools day or what is otherwise known as the New York Auto Show at a specially arranged press preview. We really do pity the fools.  Lexus-RX-2016-NY-Auto-Show
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