Shocking Audi A1 Review Is Unintentionally Funny


We get many emails asking us why we don’t do video reviews and to be honest, we feel we don’t have anything original to offer just yet. Sure a multi-content strategy will be a major boost. But if we did we would probably end up doing something like this Audi A1 video review. And if we did we would probably end up so disenchanted with the end result we would all end up fleeing to Turkey and trying to cross the border into Syria to join IS.

His name is Honest John, which is debatable on so many levels, and he is a respected car nut within the UK media circus. His website, honestjohn.co.uk is popular, very popular and we salute him.

They say never criticize your peers we say what peers? but Jesus Christ superstar Mr. John comes across as such a wooden car presenter that it’s unintentionally funny. It doesn’t help when the video appears to have been edited by a crazed stalker. Thankfully the nightmare is only 3 minutes long, at least Mr. John does his best. Bless.

If you want your daily car fix/video review then head on over to Carthrottle’s YouTube channel they are of their generation for their generation and sometimes provide fun and entertaining video reviews. They have a multi-content strategy and a good few marketing channels don’t you know.

However, our personal favorite is Louis Karsenbarg although his suit in the F-Type Coupe video review is debatable on so many levels.

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