The BMW Range Rover Sport
Worst Car of the Week
Racism is offensive although not if you are a Chelsea football fan. Calling a waiter ‘garcon’ in a Paris restaurant is a no, no and if you do the waiter will ensure your dish is lined with extra dressings, usually unseen and typically organic in nature. There are many forms of offensive behavior most of which Chelsea fans will be aware of and happily participate in. Offense, insults are often ambiguous, they are an act of deliberate and merciless transgression. Take the Nissan e-NV200 that is the mother of all merciless transgressions, or so we thought. We spotted this 2007 Range Rover Sport for sale at a repossession auction in England-shire and what we saw left us open mouthed with disbelief. This Range Rover Sport is bedecked with 20-inch BMW alloy wheels, Sacré bleu mon ami! BMW-Range-Rover-Sport-Alloys Sacré bleu is a stereotypical term not used by French people, its most often used by Chelsea football fans who are no strangers to using stereotypes. But what the hell was the Range Rover Sport owner thinking when he decided to bolt on BMW alloy wheels, after-market alloy wheels! You should never mix automotive accessories, its like trying to mix water and crude oil, or wearing a Nike track top with Adidas bottoms and own brand trainers from Tesco, (Walmarts). The owner of the BMW Range Sport should be hunted down like a dog and then locked up in a maximum security prison cell, in isolation for at least two years. Actually the BMW Range Rover does exist, its called the BMW X5, you see BMW used own the Rover Car group from 1994- until 2000. At the time Rover used to own Land Rover before it was sold to Ford in 2000. BMW tried and failed to revive Rover, they wanted it to become what Skoda is to the VW group, it never happened however BMW are said to have ‘borrowed’ the blue prints to Land Rovers 4×4 technology. The X5 was born in 1999, 1 year before BMW sold off their interest in the British car industry. Nevertheless owner of the BMW Range Rover Sport you have committed automotive heresy, you should at least be forced undergo the torture of owning a Nissan e-NV200 for one year, that’s a worse punishment than 1,000 lashes and you also have the worst car of the week. if it hasn’t already been sold off at auction.  BMW-Range-Rover-Sport
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