Hennessey Plans Ridiculous 1000 HP Cadillac CTS-V
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We like our supercars and hypercars but even we were left open mouthed when we learnt that auto tuners Hennessey were planning the mother of all upgrades for the relativity humble Cadillac CTS-V. A not so humble 1000 HP upgrade. Texas based John Hennessey is no stranger when it comes to modifying the hell out of cars. He made his name with the highly modded Exige, the 2011 Venom GT as it became known, produced 1,244 bhp. Another example of Hennessey’s extremist tuning mastery is the 717bhp Ford Mustang GT. Now Hennessey is turning his power ballad towards the 2016 Cadillac CTS-V. The supercharged 6.2-litre V8 powered CTS-V already offers up 640 bhp. Hennessey will offer three “power”upgrade packages, 750bhp and 800bhp derivatives but its the HPE1000 package making the headlines. Go for the HPE1000 package and Hennessey will remove the CTS-V’s supercharger and replace it with a twin-turbo charger along with new aluminum pistons, a forged steel crank and rods, upgraded cylinder heads. Henessey-Cadillac-CST-Maddness Travelling at an increased velocity requires increased braking performance and you can be sure the Carbon Ceramic brakes will do the job as well as bump up the price. Hennessey will also custom upgrade the interior and the exterior gets the wide body treatment due to the fact all that power will require wider tyres. No performance figures have been released but Hennessey claims their CTS-V mod will be the worlds fastest saloon able to reach a claimed top speed of 240mph. We say does the world really need a 1,000bhp four door saloon. Usually at this point we end with a “hell yah!” but somehow we think a 1,000 bhp four door saloon is a little ridiculous. So its a, hell NO!.  Henessey-Cadillac-CST-Maddness=-Front
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