Land Rover To Build The Most Anti-British Defender Ever
Worst Car of the Week
The Napoleonic wars, won by the British. El Alamein, Egypt 1942, won by the British, the 1966 Football World Cup, won by the British, the battle for Goose Green and Darwin, Falkland Islands, 1982 won by the British. Fried Mars Bars, totally Scottish. We are British here at DCB Towers and proud to be. (ahem…) We love this United Kingdom, its poor cuisine and its alcohol centric culture, we even love the Scottish and will NEVER! surrender to the nationalists breakaway movement. England is the center of the world. In our opinion. It has ruled the world it has created the modern world as we know it today. The computer chip, British. The telephone, Great British. The jet engine, British. This is an island nation proud of its ability to produce state of the art and innovative technology. So why in the hell can’t we build our own British made cars for British people? We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Mini, German. Land Rover, Indian. Jaguar Indian. We used to invade countries, steal the natural resources, enslave entire nations and via the East India Company we openly traded drugs in what was the first and only legal, state owned drugs cartel of its age. These achievements were accomplished in the name of empire building, now we have become invaded. Invaded by foreign capital investment for example, Nissan, BMW these are the hordes building cars in a nation that had one of the biggest home built car industries in the world. OK so our British car industry, back in the day, produced crap but it was British crap and crap that we can be proud of because it was designed and built by Britain’s for Britannia. And we were proud to buy and own crappily built British crap. Times change, we accept that. What happens if German owned British Bentley decides to build the Continental in Papua New Guinnea? ITS NO LONGER BRITISH! So when we heard the rumor mills grinding away about Land Rover deciding to build the next generation Defender outside of these Great British isles our ‘rose tinted spectacles’ fell off our noses. HOW DARE THEY. LAND ROVER! The Defender is the most iconic of British 4×4 off-roaders ever made, it is the bulldog spirit, it is the Gallipoli Campaign, it is the Normandy Invasion and it is Helmand Province. We don’t exactly know how to define British because the world has defined this island but if anything can bring a meaning to Britishness then it is the land Rover Defender. Land Rover, if the rumors are correct and you do decide to build the next Defender overseas, you will finally have succumbed to globalization. Yes your profit margins will be improved and your management structure will have yet another pointless layer added to it, but you will also have the worst car of the week, infinity.  Land-Rover-Defender-WCOTW
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