Why The Bentley Bentayga Is The Worst Car of The Week
Worst Car of the Week
We are goosestepping back in time, goosestepping to the unacceptable tune the alt-right is currently playing with their flutes. The tune we are seemingly marching along too unawares is the tune of populism and though the melody is soothing it is in fact deadly. There is no lame individual, there is no blind individual yet we all seem tone deaf to these so called populists who want to use the politics of fear to further their own short term career goals. On the surface these ‘populists’ seem normal they wear suits, they have manners. But look beneath the veneer of normality and what you find is a dense substructure of hate. Hate hidden in the form of Anglo-Saxon self righteousness and mock indignation. The Bentley Bentayga is kind of like a well spoken well mannered populist, a car owned by millionaires and billionaires but also admired by the plebs. In truth Bentley isn’t about hate or politics of fear. It is simply a German owned British luxury car brand. However Bentley have gone for populism in one form by adding a diesel engine to the Bentayga. This is the state of Lower Saxony pushing for more sales at the expense of brand heritage to appease… we don’t know who. Heritage is one of Bentley’s key selling points it’s about the V8’s, the power and the luxury… And the expense. The current occupiers of Bentley have understood this well and are probably more British then any past British owner ever was. It isn’t like the people who buy and own a Bentley need to save money, you don’t hear a billionaire saying “what’s the mpg rate of this Bentley or that Ferrari”. So that begs the question, what is the point of a Bentley powered by a diesel engine? We can’t find an answer. But shoe-horning a diesel into a Bentley is one goosestep too far. We will not accept this for we will fight them in Herndon, Virgina, we shall fight them in Crewe Chesire, we shall fight them at Goodwood and in the fields, we shall fight in the hills. But not on the beaches. We shall never surrender to the Bentley diesel surge, for even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this Great German owned British automotive institution were subjugated to an entire future of diesel powered automobiles, then we here at DCB would carry on the struggle to resist. It is our patriotic duty to remind Bentley they must remain loyal to their past and not the future in a time when the long term viability of the diesel engine looks set to be challenged by emissions bureaucrats. It isn’t the pollution aspect that is the issue, it’s the fact that Bentley decided to use a diesel engine in the first place. The other problem is the back slapping motoring journalists who say ‘jingo all the way’ as if to normalise the destruction of Bentley as it was. Motoring journalists are always easily bought, just offer them private jet access, a nice meal after an easy day of ‘testing’ a car and they will turn the other way. You Bentley Bentayga, (together with your goosestepping ‘motoring’ journalists turned pied pipers) are the worst car of the week . Although technically motoring hacks aren’t cars… they are sell outs… you get what we’re saying people! It’s time to make Bentley Great Again!  bentley-bentayga-worst-car-dailycarblog
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