Aston Martin Says Its OK To Drink & Drive
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We don’t know what type of person would want to buy what is a mobile supercar with a drinks bar but it seems there is a market for such a vehicle. An official Italian Aston Martin dealership and Dom Pérignon have teamed up together to corner this curious segment of the market using the Rapide S as the marketing platform. But fear not Aston Martin isn’t dumbing down its merely a dumb promotional gimmick, a joining of minds between Aston Martin Milano and Dom Pérignon. Aston-Martin-Milano-Dom-Perignon-Profile Unfortunately such unions create equally as stupid branding identities, wait for it, Rapide S Dom Pérignon Deuxieme Plénitude Special Kit. That’s enough to put me off buying an Aston Martin for life. But at least it does feature a bespoke drinks cabinet which totals 3 bottles of Dom Pérignon champagne of the 1998 vintage. And if you are slovenly enough to swig from the bottle you won’t have to because you’ll also get two crystal glasses and a bottle opener. So no need to use your high networth teeth. Aston-Martin-Milano Aston Martin will be touring Italy with their promotional car visiting a select number of restaurants along the way in what will be a luxury pub crawl. Providing the tour goes without incident, there is alcohol in the back, Aston Martin Milano will add the ‘Special Kit’ to the options list for high networth alcoholics to buy. Yes that’s right Italians don’t just buy Ferrari’s they do have taste after all. Personally I would not want to be a passenger to anyone who drives around with a mobile drinks cabinet.  Aston-Martin-Milano-Dom-Perignon
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