Plastic Road Set To Be Tested In Rotterdam
If you ever thought of a road network being made out of prefabricated plastic was just completely unworkable on any level then think again. A Dutch construction company is working with the city of Rotterdam to create a pre-fabricated plastic road.  Volker Wessels, the construction company behind the plastic road idea says the proposed concept would be faster to make, more durable and because it uses no asphalt it would also be more environmentally friendly. This is where it gets even more outlandish, Volker Wessels proposes to source the plastic from the so called Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a swell of waste plastic that has formed into mass concentrations of ‘super waste’ floating in the ocean having been brought together by ocean currents. Volker-Wessels-Plastic-Road-Hollow-RotterdamVolker Wessels wants to create their plastic roads in sections that fit together like giant tiles, this says the company is the key to building plastic roads quickly and cheaply. The plastic road sections will be light enough to lay over ground and therefore will negate the need to lay expensive primary foundations. Volker Wessels have designed their plastic roads in sections which have reinforced, hollow structures so they can allow for utility pipes and also cabling for ultra fast broadband. These proposals are merely theoretical pie in the sky blue chip ideas but Volker Wessels and the City of Rotterdam intend to build a small pilot road to test out the feasibility and impact of such a unique idea. As of yet there is no time frame for when the trial will begin.  Volker-Wessels-Plastic-Road
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