Watch This Military Spec Hummer Demolish A House
In another desperate bid to stay content relevant we have lowered our standards yet again to appeal to a broad range of people, continents and Alexa rankings. Our research also suggests people in the UK will vote to remain in the EU. This research further outlines that people like watching destructive YouTube videos and car crashes which we feature from time to time. So here is a video of a bunch of Hummer owners, somewhere in jerk water USA, using the power of their vehicles to destroy a small wooden shack. The video, which is suspiciously well produced and filmed is actually a promotion for Bullet Motorsports a dealership based in South Florida which has military spec Hummers on it’s forecourts. You would not get Land Rover owners doing this kind of demolition, no. Land Rover owners no longer wear flat caps or illegally rustle sheep. Today’s Land Rover owners are only concerned with driving as close to your rear bumper as possible and getting annoyed when you don’t move out of the way. The Hummers may have a reputation for not being a great driving experience but this British writer would take the Hummer over the gentrified Land Rover any day of the week.  Landrover-Demolishes-House
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