VW Driver Barrel Rolls After Showing Off To Bikers
Video This is the moment when a driver in Mexico was taught a very harsh lesson in showing off by his other half. The driver behind the wheel of the car was pursing a group of bikers on a motorway/highway somewhere in jerk-water Mexico. It seems that the male driver got caught up in the frenzy of all these bikers and started to race them… embarrassingly in a VW Jetta. The driver’s other half was apparently so furious at this show of male bravdo that she pulled the handbrake at over 80mph which caused the car to loose control, half spin into the central concrete barrier whereupon it was launched into a barrel roll. Despite the severity of the crash both occupants survived without requiring hospital treatment. This video serves as an important reminder, the next time you decide to show off to your other half on the motorway make sure you don’t own a VW Jetta.  Mexico-VW-Jetta-Barrel-Roll-Crash
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