Jaguar Make The F-Type More Affordable & Make It Less of A Sports Car
Worst Car of the Week
Jaguar have fitted a 2.0-litre, four-cylinder turbo-charged engine into the F-Type and in doing so have diluted the brilliance that defines the V6 and V8 powered brothers. But it’s not as annoying as dealing with Jaguar Land Rover’s self serving, duplicitous, completely fake, Alt-right ‘high-five’ Press Fleet coordinator. If you ever manage to meet the Annie Wilkes of the PR world we hope you don’t get stuck in a snow storm because if she stops by to help out she will break your ankles… with her teeth. What is the point of a press department, which are effectively corporate embassies representing the best interests of the corporation, when it is filled with an entirely vacuous individual out to protect her own patch of land. But enough of Dipple because our lawyers tell us not to libel what is a bad apple, quite possibly the Catherine Tramell, at the core of JLR’s press office. No… we have more pressing matters to deal with such as this F-Type abomination. We say the 2.0-litre engine F-Type is an abomination because what has defined the F-type is not just the prodigious ride and handling but the V6 and V8 powerplants. The supercharged V8 F-Type is a swashbuckling experience to drive and the noise it makes adds to the drama. Sticking a 2.0-litre engine in the front bay of the F-Type makes it more compliant with the ethics of lowering carbon emissions and it makes the F-Type more affordable, £50k when it goes on sale in the UK. But that new engine makes the F-Type spew out less than 300bhp, so it’s no longer a supercar, its effectively a very expensive Hot Hatch. We don’t care about the driver assistance features, emergency braking function, lane assist, this ain’t a proper F-Type. Now… Jaguar have tried to placate things by adding the usual lies about the engine being the most powerful 4-cylinder powerplant it has ever made. And the press release is full of detailed information most of which is meant to distract us from the real issue… This ain’t no supercar, its a luxury hot hatch. But things already started to go wrong for the F-Type around a year ago, that brilliant hydraulic steering system was replaced for a more efficient electronic steering. This also ruined the F-Type’s DNA but we could stomach that but will not accept ”that” engine. You know what? screw the press release  if we ever see or hear this monstrosity, which we never will, we will get a restraining order out on what is a watered down piss take. We recommend that you don’t buy this, save your money or better still burn it. Jaguar F-Type 2.0-litre turbocharged engine, you are no Ingenium your’e not even a genius you are the worst car of the week.  Jaguar-F-Type-Worst-Car-of-The-Week
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