Meet The Mercedes Badge A Pickup Truck That Is All Fucked Up
Worst Car of the Week

Oh Mercedes what have you done, to feed off the growing demand for pickups you entered into an alliance with Renault and Neesan. You wanted a piece of the Pickup market to boost your annual coffers and ended up with this lazy X-Class sham. It’s a Neesan Navara with a Mercedes grille and badge, I wouldn’t buy either a Renault or a Neesan (GTR excluded) indeed I can’t even spell Neesan in its original form such is my disdain of Neesan… and it’s vacuous UK PR department led by a man with a taste for £25 suits who wouldn’t look out of place among a crowd of racist Millwall supporters.

We’re not going to call this the Mercedes X-Class, we recognise it as a Pickup truck but we will never recognise it as a true Mercedes because it is merely no more than a Neesan Navara with a Mercedes front grille and badge.

Mercedes are touting the premium qualities of this sham of a pickup, the interior is typically Mercedes premium quality, we’re told. The truth is Mercedes build quality isn’t the best in class anymore.

Sit in a 2017 E Class and you can feel this downward trend in cost-cutting, it’s small areas like thinner plastics, plastic effect metal. An E Class interior looks expensive but feels cheap. And the mechanical reliability is among the worst for new premium cars.  The E Class especially.

The quality Mercedes refers to is really all part of an organised campaign to make consumers believe that Mercedes is still the king of quality. It isn’t. Mercedes Quality has been on the slide for years now and finally this X-Class is living if inanimate, proof.

We won’t call this Mercedes pickup by its designated name we’ll just call it the Mercedes Badge because that’s what it is a rebadged Neesan Navara. Mercedes as the old saying goes “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”.

Honestly speaking I hope the Mercedes Badge fails, sadly it won’t because there are enough idiots out there to buy into this con job.

Mercedes get off your arse and make a proper pickup, not this flimsy sandwich tin, and that’s why the Mercedes Badge is the worst car of the week… god-damn-it.

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