Why The Rimac Concept Two Is The Worst of The Worst
Worst Car of the Week
When Bugatti broke the 1,000 bhp mark with the Veyron the world was astonished, the £1m asking price was also astonishing. Last week Rimac, makers of the 1,384 bhp, all-electric Concept One revealed its successor, the 1,914 bhp Concept Two. But the real question is how much power do you really need for a road car?  The problem isn’t about the Concept Two, it isn’t about the technology and engineering detail that has gone into making the Concept Two a 0-60mph in 1.8 seconds reality. Nor is it to do with the 258mph top speed or the claimed all-electric range of 400 miles, the latter we are skeptical about because the true range of an electric car is always 50-percent less than officially claimed. The problem is two-fold, firstly there are no roads long enough for a potential Concept Two owner to legally use all of that 1,914 bhp let alone the 2,500Nm of torques. And that brings us to the second problem, the owners… hmmm. Most people rich enough to buy the $1m Concept Two when it goes on sale in 2020 will live in a city environment, be it London, Monaco, San Franciso, Dubai or Shanghai. So, what is the point of a 1,914 bhp car when the average city speed is no more than 5mph? A manually operated bike is theoretically faster. Typically, when supercar owners do find an empty stretch of road it is quickly full of traffic again, usually, the emergency services extracting the owner from his supercar, and it’s always a ‘his’. So, the Rimac Concept Two will become a trophy, a vanity machine for the city-domiciled owner and a badge of honor for YouTubers… I mean content creators. And that’s why you, Rimac Concept Two, are the worst car of the week for you will always be stuck in city traffic wondering why you can never unleash your true potential.  Rimac-Concept-Two-Worst-Car-of-The-Week-Dailycarblog
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