Skoda Vison RS Concept,
Skoda Defines Concept Clarity With The Vision RS
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It’s Motorshow season during September and as the Paris Motorshow gears up for the annual pilgrimage of motoring Journalists, Paris is preparing specialist catering needs for the British. No… it isn’t related to Brexit or scallops. The French are a people who believe in fairness just as much as they believe in Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.

Yes, during the Paris Motorshow in September the city will be flooded with sandwiches. The British, meaning me and you (you being the dog and next door neighbors cat, our two regular readers) we all are a peculiar nation of peoples… and cats and dogs. In the UK even the dogs and cats are racist and vote Brexit. To be fair it’s a 49/51-percent split. We (British) live on sandwiches and unfortunately, the French have fallen into this trap. Paris has become an accidental safe haven for the expat-British sandwich. Sandwiches or no sandwiches, Skoda is approaching its Paris Motorshow appearance with the utmost seriousness…. in the form of a concept. Skoda Vison RS Concept, The Paris Motorshow will be full of concepts. Automotive concepts are purely for publicity stunts. The concepts are designed to get the consumer sub-consciousness motivated to buy. The Skoda Vision RS Concept will debut the look of a future compact car. Some of the concept’s styling elements will also make into a myriad of future models. So why do concept cars end up looking less exciting when they make it into final production? Because of cost limitations. A concept show car may have styling elements that are difficult to mass produce. Therefore such complex styling elements will cost more to manufacture. Automotive manufacturers hate to lose money, so what we get is a styling compromise between a concept fantasy and the final, costed, production-ready car. You can bet that Skoda has already nailed down the production-ready car. The concept is just a publicity stunt to drag out and extend the news cycle for as long as possible.  Skoda Vison RS Concept,
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