VW Touareg, naturally anti theft proof
Why Multi Millionaires Should Consider The VW Touareg Over A Bentayga
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We are big fans of the all-new VW Touareg, it looks like a bigger version of the VW Tiguan, oddly we are not big fans of the VW Tiguan of which we have a long-termer on our admittedly dwindling supply of press cars.

So… if I were to happen to become a multi-millionaire, not by chance but through entrepreneurship, and it will never happen, then the very first car of choice would be the VW Touareg without any hesitation.

I would absolutely go for a VW Touareg over a Bentley Bentayga, Audi Q8, Range Rover, Rolls Royce SUV, LamBROghini and all other luxury and ultra-luxury SUV’s.

So why would I choose to do such a thing? Because the VW Touareg looks so discreet you never really notice it, and car thieves target ultra-luxury cars because they can earn more money.

VW Touareg, naturally anti theft proof, interior, dailycarblog.com

That is to say if a car thief targets an upscale residential estate loaded with the Range Rovers, the Audi’s and the supercar SUVs why would they want to steal your run-of-the-mill-looking VW Touareg?

Just the other day a £75k Range Rover was stolen from the Surrey home of ex-Chelsea and Premier League footballer Michael Essien. He will never see it again.

I know the VW Touareg will be as well built as any Audi or Bentley SUV because the VW Touareg is based on the same platform and uses much of the same engineering as the Bentley and Audi SUV’s.

And I know the VW Touareg will be just as well kitted out with technology and have a nicely appointed interior, although I will have to sacrifice ultimate luxury because compared to Bentley’s leather-clad interior the Touareg feels a bit plasticky… because it probably is.

But what you are getting with the VW Touareg is a Bentley Bentayga in all but name, minus the ultra-luxury of course and minus the significantly higher price tag. More importantly, you get discretion.

VW Touareg, naturally anti theft proof, speeding, dailycarblog.com

But you will also get minus the ultra high-end performance, it’s just a V6 TDI lump available in two power derivatives, 231 PS and 286 PS. That’s plenty enough for me.

Prices also start from £48k and range toppers can cost close to £60k depending on options, small change for the multi-millionaire class.

In my opinion, buying a VW Touareg is virtually theft-proof in and on itself, and because it looks so derivate car thieves tend to look for more valuable brands because their clients in the middle east, far east and African nations can by-pass tax laws by importing cars stolen to order.

So my advice to multi-millionaires is to buy discreetly, buy a VW Touareg and do not move to an upscale residence in Surrey if you already live there then move out.

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VW Touareg, naturally anti theft proof
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