Autocar vs James may
Emotional James May Talks To A Glass of Wine After Revealing Why He Left Autocar

Kudos to the Drivetribe audience acquisition director, no longer do they have to buy YouTube audience to boost video views. The secret was already there, Clarkson, Hammond, and May. A video fronted by James May is guaranteed to get a minimum 500k views in just a couple of days. Top YouTubers and advertisers kill for that kind of audience grab. Back to the story, so why did James may Leave Autocar? Actually, he was fired.

Autocar is the world’s oldest motoring magazine… and it’s British. Autocar is like a passport to motoring journalism respectability. Unlike the Daily Car Blog, which is widely disrespected.

May reveals he was fired for fooling around with the editorial copy, this was back in 1991 when the interweb was merely a university exclusive. And as about as powerful as a cheap smartwatch.

To find out what happened, watch the video Drivetribe’s audience acquisition director will be very pleased.

Autocar vs James may
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