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Autogefuhl Reviews The All New S Class, in Low Light, Full Screen, and Full HD… Let’s GO!

We have issues with Mercedes at the moment. For example, what is the point of introducing new passenger safety systems when they disregard the welfare of their workers? Why is the disregard of worker safety apparently acceptable yet the safety of Mercedes passengers an absolute priority? Is passenger safety being used as a commodity to extol a virtuous identity, a means of marketing a reputation for the purposes of selling more products? After all, as the old saying goes, if you repeat something often enough people end up believing it. 

I am certain that if the Daily Car Blog often repeated “we are the greatest blog in the history of blogs”, people (our three daily readers) would instantly dismiss such a notion. Nevertheless, today we will temporarily halt our resistance to Mercedes, ignore the company’s less virtuous side, and celebrate it’s highly curated marketing campaign for the new generation S Class.

The S Class is a fantastic car, however, we feel the quality has been on the decline. Build quality is questionable these days and some material choices are questionable for a luxury sedan. The new S Class seems to have taken a step up. But as we often cite, if you want true luxury then you ought to move up to the Bentley Flying Spur.

Thomas from YouTube channel Autogefuhl gives an effortless overview of the new S Class. However someone should tell him to turn up the lights, it looks a little subdued.

S Class review, autogefuhl, dailyarblog
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