Chevrolet Tahoe vs Massive train dailycarblog
Train vs Chevrolet Tahoe… The Train Won

Impatience is one of the least desired personality traits you can have when waiting at a level crossing. Many impatient drivers have fallen victim to this egregious mindset. And the end result is often all of their own makings. You reap what you sow. And this Chevrolet Tahoe driver certainly demonstrated what happens when you are in a rush for no particular reason.  YouTuber TrainManBrodie describes what happens:

“Today, September 23rd, 2020, I, unfortunately, witnessed my first train vs. vehicle collision. This occurred at Centralia, Illinois. I went out to film a couple Canadian National trains at Calumet Street. Northbound CN train G86771 was the first to pass by. Southbound CN train B78841 is seen in the distance meeting the CN G86771.”

“As soon as the northbound CN cleared the Calumet Street railroad crossing, the gates stayed down because the southbound CN was close enough for the gates to remain down. A driver (Chevrolet Tahoe) then turned up their speakers to max volume, causing them to not be able to hear the horn of the southbound.”

“They then proceeded to become impatient and drive west through the down railroad crossing gates, getting struck by the CN B78841. The driver did survive and Centralia, Illinois police officers and Smitty’s Body Shop did an excellent job during this whole incident. PLEASE stay safe around active railroad tracks and be aware, unless you want to end up like this guy…”

Chevrolet Tahoe vs Massive train dailycarblog
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