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Jaguar Land Rover Was Always Manufacturing Consent To Delay EV Future
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Jaguar Land Rover’s push into manufacturing electric vehicles has always appeared to be somewhat laborious. The Jaguar i-Pace is symptomatic of Jaguar’s denialism wrapped up in a shell of vapid, self-congratulatory marketing. The iPace is a slow unwilling step by step embrace of a new world that Jaguar is reluctant to join. They invested hundreds of millions in a new fossil fuel engine plant which more than likely will be decommissioned by 2030. They were slow to hybridize. From a technical point of view, JLR believed that hybrid vehicles were simply not worth it. That’s the only correct decision they made because we now know hybrids are not less polluting than non-hybrids. But they made hybrids anyway. JLR didn’t want to plan for the future or even have a crystal ball. So they spent their time manufacturing consent. And now we know why. According to the Guardian Jaguar Land Rover lobbied the British government to delay the ban on petrol and diesel cars. You can read the full article by clicking the highlighted link.

To be totally unfair we are highlighting and underscoring Jaguar Land Rover because we will happily take any and every chance to shit on this stale old company. This warped way of targeting an institutionally racist organisation is called professional journalism. We didn’t make the rules up on the fly, this is how journalism works. If it’s good enough for the Daily Mail it’s good enough for us. Anyway, according to the Guardian Jaguar Land Rover wrote a sternly worded letter to Government ministers warning of a doomsday scenario, a dark vision of the entire British car industry ablaze if the petrol and diesel ban isn’t extended until 2035. 

And what happens if the government agrees? When 2035 arrives JLR could write another sternly worded letter warning of another doomsday scenario facing the car industry if the petrol ban is extended for another five years. The sternly worded letter and doomsday pitch could go on for decades. Jaguar Land Rover is deliberately ignoring scientific research on climate change, twisting reality to suit their head-in-the-sand mentality. They also on-boarded (bought) motoring journalists and the elite motoring press to subtly gaslight readers into thinking the petrol and diesel ban is a backward step.

We here at DCB read the articles and opinions and could clearly see a media-driven gaslighting agenda. In other words fake news. And judging by the comments, many readers saw through the whole thing even if they didn’t realise what was happening. Manufacturing consent is nothing new, it is the modus operandi for deliberately miss-communicating to a large audience.

And what was Jaguar Land Rover doing during this period of orchestrated fake news and media gaslighting? They were selling a story of sustainability, sharing is caring and a fairytale world of environmental responsibility. They wanted a few more years to emit CO2 and dirty diesel particles. But JLR miscalculated one key area, dealing with politicians. They didn’t realise that even the Conservatives, as corrupt and inept as they are, have retained some form of primordial principles and remnants of what is known as… integrity. They basically told Jaguar Land Rover to stop complaining, get out and get on with it.

Manufacturing Consent Dailycarblog
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