The Most Expensive Rolls Royce Ever is Also The Most Grotesque
Jeremiah Clarkson

Rolls Royce calls it the Boat Tail, a bespoke coach-built ultra-luxury boat for the road. I call it a $28 million monstrosity. Why? I am sticking up for the little people who can not afford such luxuries in a time of global economic strife. Rolls Royce has never been the preserve of the common civilian. However, the common civilian should always have something to aspire to. In many ways, a Rolls Royce is aspirational if you are embarking on a bedroom entrepreneurial business. Now, when referring to commoners I am not referring to the low lives who actually know how much a pint of milk costs, who buy a pint of milk, know the price of a loaf of bread. The common civilian I am referring to is the multi-millionaire. These are the people who constitute the traditional Rolls Royce customer base. But that is no longer the case.

Rolls Royce is now an exclusive club for the billionaire class. And that is why the Boat Tail exists. The marketing people conducted surveys and the graphs and data revealed billionaires are dumb enough to fork out $28M on a depreciating asset. Why do you think they never pay taxes? With the Boat Tail Rolls Royce is declaring a class war pitching the multi-millionaires of this world against the billionaires.

And I side with the common civilian, the multi-millionaires who are traditional and loyal Rolls Royce customers. I love capitalism, it makes things happen, everything is nicer in a world full of 51 millionaires. The billionaire class is extreme elitism. And with a combined wealth of $11 trillion the 3,000 people who make up the billionaire class effectively own the world.

Rolls Royce Boat tail - daily car blog

Billionaires have become vultures. They set up charitable foundations which are cover for hoarding their money and paying no tax, in plain sight. And with their charitable foundations, they globe-trot around the world spending other peoples money while parading around in a false demi-god like existence. Many outside observers say what we need right now is a world of ethical capitalism.

Ethical capitalism? don’t make me laugh! it’s just another form of communism. The billionaire class is a world of extreme capitalism and extreme elitism. THEY! are extremists. Wherever there is extreme wealth, extreme poverty is never far away. The two co-exist because one can not happen without the other.

The Rolls Royce Boat Tail is a magnificent creation in terms of pure craftsmanship. It is built by paupers and sold to billionaires. But it lacks a profound sense of belonging. It isn’t aspirational it is simply out of touch with reality.

Evening all…

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