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Why You Shouldn’t Drive A Ferrari Roma In Italy

So you earned your fortune after many years of hard work. Or you are a beneficiary of a large trust fund and you have had it easy all your life. Whatever way you earned your money you have finally entered the world of elite motoring ownership. And that Ferrari Roma has your name on it, irrespective of the cost. And you decide to take it for a spin in a picturesque but narrow city street somewhere in jerkwater Italy.

The only trouble is your pristine Ferrari is too wide for the narrow streets… in a picturesque town somewhere in jerkwater Italy. And now you and your $250K Ferrari is stuck, sandwiched between buildings on either flank.

A Ferrari should be driven out in the open wide and winding roads of the countryside. This is where you get to enjoy the power of the 3.8-litre, 611bhp twin-turbo V8. And if you drive a Ferrari Roma into a picturesque town somewhere in jerkwater Italy, you are simply doing so to strike a pose.

That is your right, you earned it. But to understand the Ferrari pedigree and performance, learn to appreciate it first and pose later.

Ferrari Roma in Italy - Dailycarblog
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